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Fleet Manager's Poem...

So God Made a Fleet Manager

On the sixth day God created men and women, some of them so special they became fleet professionals who have:

  • The courage to stand up for what is right. When obstacles come their way, they go through them, around them or over them. They transcend adversity.
  • The persistence to stay the course, no matter how many years it may take.
  • The determination to work collaboratively with co-workers to embrace a vision, values and stretch goals to continuously improve.
  • A servant heart that keeps them "true north" in serving their real customers, their co-workers and the taxpayers that depend on them to provide the best services and to contain or even lower costs
    The skill to provide the best options available in all the areas they influence. They never stop learning and surpass the best practices of top-performing fleet operations.
  • A determined commitment to accountability that ensures they take the path that the numbers tell them to follow and to accept responsibility for all outcomes.
  • A passion for excellence in every endeavor; "Only the best is good enough” is their motto.
    The ability to embrace failures, understanding that each failure is an opportunity to learn and a stepping stone to success.
  • Last -- but not least -- compassion, which only comes with an infinite ability to listen, being fully present to, and fully inclusive of, all individuals, regardless of their power or position. Only in being attuned to what people share do they understand and exemplify the true meaning of empowerment.

by Pam Nelson, Former CEO of CCG Systems, Norfolk, VA, used with permission


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